Tumblr just released a new version of their service. Many of the changes are back-end and won’t be observable to you, the reader. One addition that I am happy about is the archive. Until now, there was no way to access old posts other than to page through them all. I have also read that they are working on making posts browse-able by tags, and they may be adding a comment feature as well.

On a completely separate subject, I wanted to follow up my last post and congratulate the CMU Tartan Racing team for winning the DARPA Urban Challenge and the $2 million prize. 

Routing for the Home Team

DARPA has announced the finalists for the Urban Challenge in which teams pit robotic vehicles against each other in a 60 mile race through “live” traffic. The first car to complete the course in less than 6 hours takes away the $3.5 million prize. The vehicles must obey all laws of the road and react to the same circumstances human drivers find themselves in, such as other drivers running through stop lights.

Although 20 teams started the competition, only 11 finalists were accepted. The other vehicles were deemed unsafe, failing standard California DMV road tests. One of those finalists is my own alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University. Introducing the Tartan Racing team as a finalist, DARPA director Tony Tether said, "The next team, if we had to give a ranking, it would be number one."

The race starts Saturday morning. Best of luck to Red Whittaker and the rest of his team!