Rarer than a Unicorn

Jeff Gothelf asks, “Why is it so hard to find strong visual designers who have interaction and product design experience?” I may not be the best person to answer his question, as I’m not in a position in which I’m often hiring, so I haven’t been looking. However, I do teach at a university, so I can tell you where to look.

Students studying Graphic Design (also sometimes called Communication Design) will not likely have huge amounts of experience in Interaction Design or Product Design, but they will have strong visual design skills, and they will likely have some web design experience. That’s a start. Many of the students coming out of WVU this year have taken my product design course and have been taught a UCD approach.

If an Interaction Designer with strong visual design skills is a unicorn, what does that make an Interaction Designer with strong visual design skills and a base level of technical skills?

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