CS doesn’t stand for Color Sharing

Unless I’m way off my rocker, one of the benefits of purchasing the Adobe Creative Suite is that all of the applications work together. Can somebody then please explain why something as simple as color swatches can’t be shared between applications? If I’ve painstakingly created a custom swatches list in Photoshop of the colors I use regularly in my company’s products, I should be able to then access that same list of swatches in Illustrator and InDesign. It would be nice if it just automatically appeared as a selection in all three applications, but the reality is that the file the swatches are stored in is a completely different file type from the swatch files created by either of the other two applications, so you can’t even copy it from one application to the other. They are completely incompatible. I’ll have to create each set of swatches three times to make them available everywhere I want to use them.

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