Curses! Foiled again!

I just received the 8 GE LED globe bulbs I ordered for the light in my master bath. At $15 a bulb, they aren’t cheap, but they are rated to last at least 8 years, and they will save a lot of energy, using only 2.8 watts a piece. Each bulb came in standard packaging—a plastic bubble sandwiched within a cardboard frame suitable for hanging from a peg. The designer of the packaging was thoughtful enough to include a perforation on the back at a point where there was enough empty space on the inside to poke a finger through, right at the neck of the bulb, giving you enough of a grip to rip it open.

What that designer didn’t realize was that Snidely Whiplash works for GE’s department charged with insuring that their products aren’t shoplifted. He made sure that there was an anti-shoplifting RFID tag inside every package. Of course, the best place to put it was where it could not be seen, right behind the neck of the bulb, where there was a little space, so he stuck it right across the perforation, making it impossible to push your finger through as originally intended. I’m sure his dastardly plan is to incite wrap rage in all consumers.

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