Interaction 12: Schwag

Following the conference each year, I write one post about the schwag. There are posts for 2008, 2009, and 2010, but I somehow missed last year’s list. Without further ado, I present the schwag bag of Interaction 12.

  1. After two years without bags, we once again have a bag. This one is a two-pocket, black satchel graced with a two-color screening of the conference logo.
  2. The name tag was one in a series of 6 double-sided cards that presented the schedule, maps, sponsors, and other relevant information. The cards all had a hole punched in the top-left corner, allowing them to be clipped to a lanyard, also sporting the conference logo. The badge had a place to write in your Twitter handle, and as in past years, stickers were added to identify speakers, local leaders, volunteers, and so forth. It was a nice package of information, but I give it a failing grade as a name tag. There was a 50% chance of being able to read it, as it easily flipped around. I saw one person who had written her name on a Post-it that she stuck on the other side of the badge.
  3. The obligatory sketch pad this year was a wiro-bound stack of very light-weight, recycled paper between heavy, black stock covers adorned with the two-color conference logo. A cardboard, ballpoint pen is attached with elastic.
  4. O’Reilly advertisement with hip QR code.
  5. Map from Moment, sponsor of Dublin Journeys—a business-friendly name for a pub crawl.
  6. Fake neoprene, zippered glasses case. Mine is black with orange highlights and the two-color conference logo. How do I know it’s fake neoprene? That’s what the tag on the inside says.
  7. Super-cheap ballpoint pen from the Dublin Convention Bureau.
  8. And finally, one of the most useful schwag items I’ve received, a 2 GB thumb drive with keyring attachment. It has the conference logo on one side and IC Creative’s logo on the other.
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