Interaction 12: Local

The Local Leader Workshop was held Wednesday morning at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology (IADT). The meeting was a great opportunity for local leaders from around the world to compare notes and share ideas for local events. Joshua Kaufmann and David Farkas shared with us the new redux initiative that will help local groups hold conference redux events.

Our goal is to attain a standardized and scalable mini-conference model that’s easily deployable, adaptable to local groups worldwide and is clearly and closely connected to the Interaction12 conference experience. We have a two-fold strategy for attaining this goal. First, we’ll be actively supporting a number of redux events around the world. Second, we will be providing helpful documentation and will encourage other cities around the world to get involved in the redux initiative.

The highlight of the workshop was our guest speaker, Ré Dubhthaigh, founder and director of Radarstation in Dublin. He shared with us his work on a number of inspirational initiatives in what I would call “design advocacy”. Service Design Thinks and the Global Service Jam attempted to build a community around Service Design in Ireland, much as we have around Interaction Design with IxDA. He also started a Design Seminar Series forming a connection between academia and practice. Of most interest to me is Hedge School Dublin.

Hedge School Dublin is a two week learning and design camp where Transition Year students will be given the challenge “Designing for 21st Century Learning”.

30 students from 10 schools across Dublin will work closely together to understand 21st Century Learning, analyse current practices in the design of learning environments, identify potential areas for re-design, create concepts, build prototypes and deliver final solutions.

The workshops will give the students the opportunity to further develop key skills through a design thinking process. Most of all Hedge School Dublin is an opportunity for students to have fun while learning and contributing to a real world project!

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