Simplified to the point of complexity

Since the beginning of DesignAday, I have made a single post per weekday, minus holidays and days I was traveling. Now, I don’t always get my daily post done on the day it’s for. As of this sentence, I am thirteen minutes late for Tuesday’s post. I have always, however, made sure to date the post for the day to which it was intended. Last night, however, I was surprised to find the time and date field missing from Tumblr’s UI. I looked again, and it still wasn’t there. I stared hard at the sidebar where it was supposed to be, but it stubbornly refused to reveal itself.

So, I sent email to Tumblr support asking what happened to the ability to change the date and time of a post. I received the following response:

Hi Jack—

I’m sorry, but that isn’t supported at this time. Our apologies. We will share your desire for this feature with our team.


I don’t understand why such a basic feature would be so casually removed after it’s been in place for over five years. I can appreciate the desire to keep things simple, but is the ability to change the date of a post so costly?

At any rate, Monday’s post is dated Tuesday, and Tuesday’s post is dated Wednesday. I’m sure there will now be some days with two posts, and some, like Monday, will appear to have none. Maybe nobody else will notice or care, but their simplification has become my complication.

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