Password Problem

My bank just released their new iPhone app. I don’t know that I’ll ever really need to make a transfer or check my balance from my phone, but I went ahead and got it. So many of the apps I have are there for the “what if” situations. Now that I have it installed and set up, I doubt I’ll ever use it. They require that I login with a password every time I open the app. Now, you might think that sounds reasonable, considering it provides direct access to my bank accounts. However, it is the same login that I use to access my accounts on their website. That password is a secure password that I manage with 1Password. In other words, it is long, completely forgettable, and difficult to enter.

Secure passwords are not acceptable for mobile use, and there’s no way I’m going to change my bank password to something that’s easy for me to remember and enter. I do have 1Password on my phone, so the password is there if I really need it. I can copy and paste it, but that ensures that I’ll only use the bank’s app in an emergency.

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