Mapping the Design Landscape

Lindsey Estep started out with a simple venn diagram as the basis of her map and built out from there. The initial three circles forming the diagram are:

  • Creative Research: primarily focused on conceptual and visual consideration
  • Engineering Research: significant testing and study, frequently requires prototypes, pragmatic
  • Social Research: centered around research about the audience/user, including emotions

There are color-coded areas that contain the cross-over domains, and then the gray center is made up of the four domains that significantly utilize all three, with labels placed on the side they are weighted towards. Listed around the outside can be found organizations, journals, and luminaries for each area within the diagram.

I must say, of all of the diagrams I’ve encountered that try to map the design landscape, this is one of the most elegant. The categorizations and relationships depicted are accurate, and nothing seems forced. I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out.

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