Defenders of the Valley

Back in the Spring, I taught a course on game design. By the end of the semester, my students had conceived a Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MORPG) in which middle school students become park rangers, defending Canaan Valley from invasive species. Actually, the concept for the game was larger in scope, dealing with many environmental issues facing Appalachian wetlands, but for a proof of concept, they focused on invasive species. They developed characters, storyboards, and mechanics for three quest lines, designed a UI, and created concept art. They modeled a small part of the valley and some of the plants, animals, and objects that would be featured in the game. However, there wasn’t enough time in the semester to actually have the prototype playable. One of my students took on an independent study this past semester to take everything that had been created and produce an animated demo of the gameplay that can be used by the customer to seek more funding for the project. Here are the results of Kofi’s work, building on the work of his classmates. I think it’s a fine piece, considering that only one of the students had ever done this type of work before.

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