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Recently, Photoshop CS4 has been hiding many of my menu items, including an option to “Show All Menu Items”. It’s been really annoying. First, I think I must be looking in the wrong place for an option that I know should be there. Then, I finally notice the “Show All…” option. Clicking it reveals the option I’m looking for, which requires an additional click to activate. I didn’t know why the menu started behaving this way, as it didn’t used to do this. A search of the preferences turned up nothing. Finally, I Googled it and found a blog post by John Nack that explains, and solves, my problem.

As John suggests, the dialog is poorly written. It doesn’t communicate what is actually going to happen. So, you end up unwittingly setting an invisible preference. You don’t know what you did to set it, and you can’t find anywhere to turn it off. That’s really poor design. I haven’t had the opportunity to use CS5—hopefully this has been fixed.

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